Ballers Season1 Episode 07: Ends: Recap + HQ Photos added

Spencer makes breakfast for Joe, Vernon, and Reggie. He delivers the good news that Angie has agreed to lower the asking price for the incriminating photos from $500,000 to $150,000. Even Reggie is impressed, but Vernon is still reluctant to give her any money. Spencer volunteers to pay her himself, and imparts some wisdom to Vernon – he needs to get smart and pay attention.

Spencer visits Tina, Rodney’s widow. She gives him a gift – Rodney’s ashes – and tells him to dispose of them however he sees fit.

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Ricky, depressed, calls Annabella and leaves an angry voicemail. He takes out his frustration on the leg press while Charles looks on with concern. Ricky searches for Bella at her friend house but she’s out with Julie Greane, who tells her about Ricky’s “Fun House.”

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Ballers Season1 Episode 06: Everything is Everything: Recap + HQ Photos added

Charles arrives at Ricky’s Fun House, where guys are playing pool inside and ladies are lounging by the pool outside. There’s a home theater where Ricky’s friends TTD and Stoops are watching the movie “Her,” a “freak room,” and another room just for foam parties. Ricky agrees to take Charles in, but warns, “The Fun House is no place for a married man.”

Vernon, Reggie, Joe, and Spencer meet at Spencer’s house. Reggie wants them to know he’s aware that their blackmailer, Angie, has a past with Spencer. “Everything is everything,” Reggie says menacingly. Spencer and Joe promise to take care of it.

Joe bonds with Angie’s lawyer, Maximo, at the race track, quickly discovering they’re kindred spirits. They negotiate Angie’s asking price for the incriminating photos down to $150,000.

Photos: HBO Ballers > Ballers Stills 7.26.2015

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Seth Gordon to Direct Dwayne Johnson in Paramount’s ‘Baywatch’ Movie

Seth Gordon is in negotiations to direct Dwayne Johnson in Paramount’s bigscreen adaptation of the TV series “Baywatch.”

Johnson is attached to star and will produce along with his partner Dany Garcia through their Seven Bucks Productions banner along with Montecito Pictures producing along with Beau Flynn.

Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Greg Bonnan will exec produce.

While plot details are currently vague, sources close to the project have said the studio wants to go the comedic route for the project.

Paramount has been trying to get the right ingredients in place in order to move forward with the film, and Gordon is the sort of director the studio has been looking to over the years. Gordon’s hit vulgar comedies like “Horrible Bosses” and “Identity Theft” have made him a popular director at the studios amid moviegoers’ craving for R-rated comedies. Paramount would hope for similar results.

Damian Shannon & Mark Swift wrote the latest draft of the script.

Gordon had been attached to Sony’s “Uncharted” but recently left the project. He is repped by WME, Brillstein Entertainment and Sloane Offer.


Impeccable DJ Fan of the Month is back! Fans Wanted apply now

fanofthemonthnew2015So if you are a longtime fan of this site then you know a while back we had an “Impeccable DJ Fan of The Month feature” well due to popular demand it’s back and guess what?  WE NEED FANS!!! So please visit the apply now page and submit your reason and photo for being a DJ fan. We are accepting fans for September going forward.

IDJ.ORG Media Center/Icon Archive relaunched!

We have relaunched our Media Center from 2012 with all new media art added thanks to Christina Rose! Please check it out we have over 300+ animations,icons, avatars, backgrounds, and more all to use for your twitter, facebook, etc.



Ballers Season1 Episode 05: Machete Charge: Recap + HQ Photos added

Spencer and Joe meet with potential new client Victor Cruz, ignoring incoming calls from Vernon. Spencer wants to move on, but Joe answers the phone – Vernon’s in trouble. Vernon, Reggie, Jason, Spencer and Joe meet to discuss the situation: One of the girls at the yacht party has incriminating pictures of Vernon partying and is shaking them down for money.

Seeking to set things straight with Alonzo, Ricky invites him to a strip club. Alonzo brings along several of his brothers to enjoy themselves on Ricky’s dime, but continues to give him the cold shoulder. He turns down Ricky’s apology and brings a stripper out to his car.

ballersep5s1-3.jpgballersep5s1-5.jpgballersep5s1-1.jpgballersep5s1-2.jpg ballersep5s1-6.jpg

Photos HBO Ballers > Ballers Stills 7.19.2015

Charles joins Ricky at the strip club, looking for advice: Sammi is still texting him sexy messages. Ricky tells him to delete the number, but Charles wants to save one photo, so he sends it to himself.

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