TIME: 100 Most Influential People – Dwayne Johnson

By Peter Berg

Action hero, future President
I first became aware of Dwayne Johnson when my then 8-year-old nephew started going around screaming, “Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?” I didn’t understand it until he showed me Dwayne’s wrestling videos. I was quickly hooked.

We eventually worked together on our movie The Rundown as he was pivoting to acting, and I was immediately struck by his work ethic. As his 100 million followers on social media know, this guy is up every day at 4 a.m. and hardly ever goes to sleep. On top of that, he has the kind of open and engaged personality that genuinely makes people feel really good when he’s around.

Unlike other action heroes, Dwayne is willing to laugh at himself, and that’s made him one of the most vital pieces of the blockbuster Fast & Furious movies—among too many others to count. He has proved to be that rare combination of likable, creative and talented—but he’s also a solid businessman.

My master plan: Dwayne becomes the governor of Florida in eight years and the President in 12, and he’s the best President we’ve had since Ronald Reagan.

Berg is an actor, director and producer

source: time.com

Baywatch Set Photos April 20th

Added 30 photos from the set of Baywatch filming in Savannah, Georgia

baywatchfilming033016-6.jpg baywatchfilming033016-7.jpg baywatchfilming033016-14.jpg baywatchfilming033016-26.jpg

Photos: Movies > Baywatch 2017 > Filming on Set

Central Intelligence: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart talk about their worst high school memories and more

Time has a funny way of flipping the script on high school stereotypes. That’s the setup for Central Intelligence, which pairs a chubby geek-turned-chiseled CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson, 43) with a BMOC-turned-accountant (Kevin Hart, 36) at their high school reunion. Their mission? To save the world, of course.

Here, they talk about looking good and relive a few cringe-worthy high school memories.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Kevin and Dwayne, which real-life skill do you think the other has that would come in handy for saving the world?
KEVIN HART: You know what I have? The ability to not care about anybody but myself. I’m really good at saving myself. DJ, on the other hand? DJ is the one you want on your side.
DWAYNE JOHNSON: ‘Cause I care about people.
HART: There’s a scene in San Andreas where the girl got to see who her stepdad really was when he took off and never came back. That would be me. DJ saves everyone. I’m never gonna do that, ever.

In the movie, there are a few flashback scenes to high school. What’s your worst high school memory?
HART: Mine was definitely my moms whupping me in front of my ninth-grade class. I wanted to try out for the basketball team, but the tryouts were at 6 a.m. and I lived almost an hour away from the school, so I had to leave the house at, like, 4 a.m. to make it. My moms didn’t want me on public transportation that early, so I set all the clocks in the house [forward], including her watch. So at 4 a.m. it looked like 6 a.m., when I’d already be leaving the house. My moms got to work like two hours early, and when no one was there, she started to check the clocks. Then she took the day off, came up to the school, and beat the mess out of me.
JOHNSON: My mom didn’t whup me, but I definitely was a delinquent in the ninth grade, getting arrested. The cops wanted me for something, and they came into my classroom. That was embarrassing.
HART: Really? ‘Cause that sounds cool.

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John Cena Praises The Rock For Continuing to Return to WWE

John Cena recently spoke with The Wrap to promote last night’s “American Grit” premiere, and during the interview Cena talked about The Rock’s success outside of WWE. Cena had the following to say about Rock consistently returning to WWE despite his busy Hollywood schedule:

“[I] can only hope to be mentioned in the same conversation as him. Dwayne [Johnson] never forgets the passionate fans of the WWE, never forgets what the WWE did for him as a human being. He’s a stand-up guy, and the fact he’s succeeded in so many ventures in life and still always finds his way back ‘home’ — as I like to say — it’s extremely impressive, it speaks volumes of him and his character.”

source: wrestlezone

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Meet Dwayne Johnson on the Set of Baywatch The Movie

Meet Dwayne Johnson on the Set of Baywatch The Movie

Visit the set of Hollywood’s most hotly-anticipated remake, ’90s TV show “Baywatch,” and enjoy the beach. Airfare and hotel accommodations are included in this package.
The Experience

“Baywatch” is coming back and its leading man, Dwayne Johnson, wants you to join him on set. Go behind the scenes as the crew and actors film the hotly anticipated remake of the iconic ’90s TV show. Dwayne plays a veteran lifeguard who takes a young new lifeguard, played by Zac Efron, under his wing. The two dreamboats then join forces to protect their beloved beach.

IfOnly has arranged for you and a friend to make the trip — hotel and airfare included — to Savannah, Georgia, where the crew will be filming parts of the movie. While visiting the set you’ll have a chance to chat with Dwayne between scenes, and you will also have an opportunity to take a photo with him. Enter now — and don’t miss this chance to watch The Rock jog in slow motion along the beach.

All proceeds will directly benefit The Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation in the race to #CureBatten.

Reward Level Prizes:


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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson accepts the Shorty Award for Best Actor

2016 MTV Movie Awards Photos + Results added

mtvmovieawards2016show-6.jpg mtvmovieawards2016show-2.jpg mtvmovieawards2016show-15.jpg mtvmovieawards2016show-7.jpg

mtvmovieawards2016show-28.jpg mtvmovieawards2016show-38.jpg mtvmovieawards2016show-58.jpg mtvmovieawards2016show-65.jpg

Photos:  2016 > MTV Movie Awards 2016

Winner’s List

No wins for DJ :(

Movie of the Year
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Jurassic World

WINNER: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Straight Outta Compton

Best Female Performance
Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina)
Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect 2)
WINNER: Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road)
Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
Jennifer Lawrence (Joy)
Morena Baccarin (Deadpool) Continue reading

2016 MTV Movie Awards Videos

Some of the best clips of Dwayne and Kevin Hart hosting the MTV Awards

MTV Movie Awards Arrival Photos

Added candids of The Rock and Kevin Hart arriving the 2016 MTV Movie Awards which airs tomorrow on MTV at 8/7pm C.  More photos will be added

mtvmovieawards16.jpg mtvmovieawards2016arrivals-3.jpg mtvmovieawards2016arrivals-6.jpg rockhartinstagram.jpg

Photos: 2016 > MTV Movie Awards 2016

New Featured Video added: The Rock Returns to Wrestlemania 32

ET Online: Inside MTV Movie Awards Video


MTV Movie Awards 2016: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart reveal show details

2016 MTV Movie Awards
Posted April 8 2016 — 10:00 AM EDT

When it comes to the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, co-hosts Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are thinking big — really big.

“It’s the 25th anniversary [of the show], and we want to make it the most epic ever,” says Johnson. “We are literally still working out.”

Following in the tradition of previous hosts like Amy Schumer, Conan O’Brien, and Aziz Ansari, this year’s co-hosts are teasing plenty of over-the-top gags and raunchy jokes,which just so happen to be Johnson’s specialty.

“I can promise you there’s going to be a lot of funny that may or may not include a dick joke referencing size,” says the Baywatch star, laughing.

And if the former wrestling pro has his way, the show will be on fire – literally.

“There’ll definitely be fire,” jokes Johnson. “[And] maybe drag. Kevin would look amazing in drag.”

There’s just the small matter of actually putting those plans into place.

“We have some calls we gotta make,” says Hart. “Anything we do, we’d love it to be in the history-making mindset, and this is giving us the opportunity. So, buckle up. It’s going to be a great ride.”

The MTV Movie Awards air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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