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Dwayne in attendance at Vin Diesel’s birthday party article + pic

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Melba Brugueras / El Nuevo Dia

Although from the start of filming on the Island Fast Five rumors circulated that a busy crew Party would take place in a popular nightclub in a hotel in Isla Verde, this past Saturday night to mark the cumpleños the actor Vin Diesel, were carried out not one but two lavish celebrations where the protagonist and producer of the Fast & Furious franchise celebrated big.

One of the celebrations was held at the Ritz Carlton in Isla Verde, and the other in neighboring San Juan hotel.

Fast cast members Five as Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and Paul Walker and a group of friends and family held together with the burly actor his 43 years of age. Diesel, whose real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent, is his twin brother Paul Vincent.

One of the two sisters of Diesel and actress Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar), were also present at both festivals, but not the reggaeton artists Tego Calderon and Don Omar, who are part of the cast of Fast Five.

But today, Diesel continue with a third birthday party (more informal and Creole) in Vieques, where it was expected the presence of both Puerto Rican reggaeton. Both singers like Diesel would travel to Vieques on a private plane would be chartered for this purpose.

The event at the Ritz Carlton hotel, which began a long day, started partying at 9:00 pm at the Italian restaurant Il Mulino. In this event, 38 people had been invited, but the list was extended to over 40. There, the actor and their guests enjoyed a menu compuseto for meat, pasta, wine and champagne.

Those attending the celebration highlighted the professional and personal qualities of the honoree, who sat at the head of a long table with his two assistants who never left. After a toast, the guests sang the well-known actor “Happy Birthday” with two biscuits.

Past 12:40 am and under tight security, the actor went to the Hotel San Juan, where he continued to celebrate his birthday with a second party.  The apparent expensive celebration, held at the club The Rose of the inn under the employer’s organization Shimmy McHugh, required the auspices of a cellular company. Paco López, Soldanela Parra Rivera and Nicky were spotted lending a hand.

In the grounds of the Hotel San Juan, became the access and security arrangements to receive the “Caravan of Stars” that came from the Ritz Carlton hotel on the edge 1:00 am with Vin Diesel.

Visibly happy and festive mood, the portly actor arrived at San Juan hotel with his two assistants showing friendly and accessible to tourists and fans who cheered him. When photographed with the public made the gesture of peace.

Although security measures are provided a comfortable perimeter for fans and tourists could take a look, say hello and briefly photographed actors and had complied.  Among them was Diesel and The Rock “, but not Paul Walker, who during their stay in the island has avoided being photographed and refused to give autographs.

Once inside the hotel, Diesel took a short “pink carpet”, where he posed for photographers and waved to the crowd in Spanish.

“Greetings pa ‘my people that I love so much!”, Delivered warmly and in Spanish the Hollywood actor.

The party at The Rose had the participation of a group of bellydancers to that Diesel did not make them much attention. Also, there batucada. At the site, had 125 guests who were not allowed to enter mobile phones.

The actor and former wrestling champion Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” was the first to leave the hotel in San Juan at 1:25 am, followed by Paul Walker, who, realizing photographic lenses, lowered his head to avoid fully grasped. Johnson and Walker left before the batucada, although they were all through dinner.

At 3:00 am, Diesel was still celebrating in the San Juan hotel accompanied by several friends, among them the actress Michelle Rodriguez, who was the DJ of the night.


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