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Impeccable Dwayne Johnson

Nov 15, 2010
7 Comments| 8,431 views

The Rock — Trapped. |

2 MQ photos added. Dwayne sure has been showing off his muscles lately! Check him out looking like the incredible Hulk. Thanks to

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock showed off his smooth, jacked up, diesel, massive rock hard muscles in Hawaii this weekend.

7 Comments on “The Rock — Trapped. |

  1. Christy Christy
    / Reply

    There are simply no words.

  2. Nette Nette
    Twitter: impeccabledj
    / Reply

    Girl I know…speechless Giggle

  3. Alina Alina
    / Reply

    Now that’s my brother, mwahaha. ROTFL I thought he was too serious lately, but I’m so reliefed now, heh heh. Grin

  4. CindyLopper CindyLopper
    Twitter: Baby_Girlz_Luv
    / Reply

    He is so sexy and so silly at the same time…..Massive handsomeness if that’s a word In Love

  5. Nette Nette
    Twitter: impeccabledj
    / Reply

    I want to be trapped with Dwayne Johnson…lol

  6. nickyd nickyd
    / Reply

    OMG! Perfection! He is ridiculously HOT and he knows it!

  7. Dice Dice
    / Reply

    Alina, when you look at this pictures all you can think of is that’s my brother?!?! LOL OMG! The MAN IS hott.

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