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Apr 12, 2011
21 Comments| 6,739 views

Fast Five spoiler + Fast Furious 6 news updated & fixed!

Ok so heads up. I am posting news about a spoiler for Fast Five and news about Fast and Furious 6 and certain cast that maybe involved. I had my suspicions about this when I saw something posted on Dwayne’s twitter page a while back but for some reason I was thinking it was post “The Other Guys” stuff going on but I got a little bit more info thanks to the forums over @ theunofficialvindiesel fan club. So don’t read or watch the video if you don’t want to know

[spoiler name=”fast five spoiler alert”] Now for those who have followed the series. A character played by Eva Mendes supposedly an undercover detective from 2 fast 2 furious in the previous film but from Dwayne’s twitter and now a video from fans who have seen the movie we have confirmation:

@TheRockDwayne Johnson
Mornin.. headin to set to shoot now w/ my girl Eva Mendez.. that chick BRINGS IT.. here we go…
22 Mar via web this is not for “The Other Guys” in which they starred earlier last year

Fan who has seen the forward to 7 minute here for video link or watch below:


21 Comments on “Fast Five spoiler + Fast Furious 6 news updated & fixed!

  1. Camy Camy
    Twitter: CamyC
    / Reply

    I’m waiting to see Fast Five first Laugh
    But if DJ accepts a project that because it’s a good one so if this happens it’s going to be good!! Grin

  2. rocky411 rocky411
    / Reply

    This is going to be great for dwayne and i know a lot pf people want him back on action moies and i think thsi will do well for him.

  3. Nette Nette
    Twitter: impeccabledj
    / Reply

    not to mention him and eva that will be hot if their characters hook up..she played in a lot of movies with another fine fellow by the name of denzel washington

  4. Sara Sara
    / Reply

    it was never proven that lettie actually die if u watch the 4th movie closer the guy who supposedly killed her said “the last time I saw her face it was burning” he never admitted to shooting her….and also noone actually saw her dead body did they? They just said that her car was found and it had exploded…..So it is very possible she went into hiding to free herself from the authorities sort of like faking ur own death….

  5. Camy Camy
    Twitter: CamyC
    / Reply

    we also think she’s dead because when Dom went to the accident scene he “saw” the accident and this guy (don’t remember his name) shooting her right in the head…
    But you’re right, we never really had any proofs of her death! lol

  6. Nette Nette
    Twitter: impeccabledj
    / Reply

    I think it’s cool if she comes back they brought back the other characters for this fast five so why not

  7. J J
    / Reply

    I agree that she was pissed about not being in the 5th one, who wouldnt after the success of the 4th? But thats what deepens the plot and makes a good cliff hanger. It’ll keep the hype for a year or 2 until the 6th one.

  8. ashley ashley
    / Reply

    I like everyone’s reasons for letty may be alive and hidden but just to say to you all that I watched a interview with Vin saying that after the 6th fast and furious, they are going to make another 3 more fast and furious in years to come. Also the 6th movie will be set in Moscow Russia.

  9. ashley ashley
    / Reply

    Fast and furious 6 is 100 percent going to happen. They are now in development. Just remember the last fast and furious movie suppose to have been toyko drift. Due to the storyline. For example the ending

  10. shama shama
    / Reply

    m nt able to open the video…bt i m only interested to see Dwayne….te amo bro….

    1. Nette Nette
      Twitter: impeccabledj
      / Reply

      not sure why it’s not working for you

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