Ok so heads up. I am posting news about a spoiler for Fast Five and news about Fast and Furious 6 and certain cast that maybe involved. I had my suspicions about this when I saw something posted on Dwayne’s twitter page a while back but for some reason I was thinking it was post “The Other Guys” stuff going on but I got a little bit more info thanks to the forums over @ theunofficialvindiesel fan club. So don’t read or watch the video if you don’t want to know

[spoiler name=”fast five spoiler alert”] Now for those who have followed the series. A character played by Eva Mendes supposedly an undercover detective from 2 fast 2 furious in the previous film but from Dwayne’s twitter and now a video from fans who have seen the movie we have confirmation:

@TheRockDwayne Johnson
Mornin.. headin to set to shoot now w/ my girl Eva Mendez.. that chick BRINGS IT.. here we go…
22 Mar via web this is not for “The Other Guys” in which they starred earlier last year

Fan who has seen the forward to 7 minute here for video link or watch below: