ESPN Sports Nation chat w/Dwayne Johnson 2/9/2012

On Thursday, actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stops by to chat about his latest movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” that hits theaters Friday.

Chat with Dwayne Johnson:

Buzzmaster (2:13 PM)

Dwayne is just finishing up taping a podcast. He will be here shortly!

Andres Torres (El Paso, Texas)

Did you enjoy acting in this movie more than the others?

Dwayne Johnson (2:18 PM)

This movie was a lot of fun. It was a fun challenge shooting on a platform of 3D which I had never done before. Everyone came to have a great time and make a great movie. For me personally, my goal was to make a big, fun epic adventure type movie that I had never filmed before. Every movie brings a different experience. There’s great fun to be had at every movie set. Even if the movie content is more intense.

Rich (New Jersey)

Hi,Dwayne. Enjoy all your films, some more than once. Which do you find more demanding, being in the ring or in front of the camera?

Dwayne Johnson (2:20 PM)

Being in front of the camera is more demanding in terms of the time. My movies take anywhere from 10-16 weeks to film. Months to promote. Almost a year of editing and 12-14 hour days. There is nothing like the thrill and emotional connection with the fans that’s like being in the ring that can never be duplicated. I love making movies, but there’s nothing like being in the middle of the ring with a microphone in my hand or competing with my fellow wrestlers.

Andy (Huntington, NY)

I know the term “family film” has a negative connotation for some, but you’re a hero to my 8-year old and 4-year old sons. Is this a genre you’ll continue to explore or is it more of a been there, done that type of deal?

Dwayne Johnson (2:23 PM)

I love making family movies. When I made the Gameplan, my first family film, my intention, like most action stars that venture into the family genre was not to make one and never return. There’s great value in a family movie. If you make a good one that will have a great message and great value that families can pull, if you make a family movie, everyone in the family can pull something from it, from the 8 year old girl to the 80 year old grandfather. I’ve enjoyed having a diverse career which was always my goal. The past couple of years I’ve been in some movies that were intense and hunting down some bad men and doing some bad things to them. This movie was a nice change of pace.

Dwayne Johnson (2:24 PM)

As much as I love family movies, there is nothing like playing intense characters who hunt bad men down and do very, very violent things to them. I’ll probably need a therapist in 20 years because of my lust for blood.

Shaun (NYC)

Hey Dwayne, longtime fan here. How hectic is your schedule now between your Hollywood projects and training for WM 28? Any predictions for the big match?

Dwayne Johnson (2:26 PM)

My schedule has never been busier. It’s a daily challenge to balance all of the endeavors that the brand is extending into, film, TV, producing, and the continuous physical prep for my WrestleMania return. I’m fortunate in that as busy as I am and as my team and brand continue to build out and up, that I have incredible support group around me. I have surrounded myself with brilliant people that are much smarter than I am with what they do that have allowed me to achieve my goals.

Dwayne Johnson (2:27 PM)

You’re only as good as the people you have around you and I’ve got incredible go getters, doers, proud members of #TeamBootsToAsses that bring it every day.

Dwayne Johnson (2:29 PM)

My prediction for WrestleMania: I have three goals. To put on the biggest match the world has ever seen and will ever see again. To put on the greatest WrestleMania of all time. And with the WWE superstars who are on the card, from CM Punk to the Undertaker to Triple H just to name a few, I’m confident in saying that this will be the greatest WrestleMania of all time. Last, and most important, if we accomplish the first two than the third one will come true is to entertain the fans like they’ve never been before.

Dwayne Johnson (2:30 PM)

On a personal note, there is no greater opponent for me for this WrestleMania than John Cena.

Doug (CA)

You should try playing a guy who isn’t so good. He can be the hero, but be kinda a jerk. Like Arnold who was always an excaped felon or something.

Dwayne Johnson (2:31 PM)

Watch your mouth or I’ll come through this computer and smack your lips off….that jerk enough for you?

Dan (Boston)

Dwayne give me some tips on how you got JACKED for Fast Five? I didn’t think you and Vin Diesel could coexist as 2 huge guys in one movie but you made it work.

Dwayne Johnson (2:34 PM)

It was about a 12-week prep. I changed my training around. Moved heavier iron. Added more calories to my diet. Trained like a beast every day. There was a lot of movtivating factors going into Fast Five. First was creating a character that I would love to play and that audiences would like to see, which is the hunter of men. I wanted to create a character on earth that is better at hunting men down. The other motivating factor was recognizing the value and the coolness of having Vin and I in a movie together. When I was younger, I would have loved to have seen Stallone and Schwarzenegger in a movie together. With an opportunity to take two of the world’s biggest action stars in a movie together I wanted to make sure that we weren’t friends. We all felt that was an important part of the story. Lot of fun making that movie. Helluva lot of fun making that movie. We’ll start the next movie in Europe in June.

David (Georgia)

How many of your own stunts do you do?

Dwayne Johnson (2:35 PM)

Great question Dave. I do all of my own stunts. Even when I don’t. I know that doesn’t make sense, but if you’re a musician, treat it like jazz and just go with it.

Dwayne Johnson (2:38 PM)

I’ve enjoyed talking to everybody. I’ve enjoyed my time here at ESPN in Bristol. It’s always like family when I come here. I appreciate the love. I appreciate also all of the feedback on Twitter. I launched into social media about a year ago to inspire, motivate and entertain and it’s turned into something much more than I could have expected, specifically the direct connection I have with fans. That’s a cool, special, and powerful thing. I appreciate it.

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