J.R + Mic Foley others comment on real heat between John Cena and The Rock

– Mick Foley and former WWE announcer Jack Korpela wrote the following on Twitter about the promo between John Cena and The Rock on last night’s RAW:

Korpela: “@TheRock is simply on a different level. Makes @JohnCena and @CMPunk look amateur. What does @wwe have to do to build a new Rock? @TheRock proved again tonight why he is among the top three @wwe superstars ever. @HulkHogan @steveaustinBSR and @therock made this business”

Foley: “That promo felt kind of uncomfortable to watch. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross seems to think there may be legit heat between Cena and The Rock after last night’s show. Ross wrote:

“@JohnCena calling @TheRock a “SOB” tonite shocked me & made me uncomfortable. Sounded more personal than in a professional context…IMO.”

“It’s getting personal…@JohnCena & @TheRock…legit. Guaranteed. No BS.”

A fan then asked JR if there is legit heat between the two. Ross replied:

“If there wasn’t before tonight, there certainly seems to be now.”

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2 thoughts on “J.R + Mic Foley others comment on real heat between John Cena and The Rock

  1. I love Korpela speaking the truth. It comes down to Cena hating on Rock and after I’m sure Rock is supposed to put him over for Vince it’s sad that he continues to show him such lack of respect when he did so much for the industry and left him in good wrestling standing as WWE was a huge hit at the time. Too bad Cena does nothing for the business but annoy fans and have ratings down. But don’t blame the Rock for leaving my man you should be elevating WWE not whining night after night about where he decided to go after….especially after trying to imitate him and become a movie star yourself. It’s really comical the things that Rock can say about him but chooses not to.


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