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Results: Portland, Oregon

Back from the break and out comes The Rock to a big pop from the crowd.

Rock finally gets a chance to speak and says this is real. He’s covered in goosebumps because this feels so damn good. The crowd chants “Boots to Asses” now. Rock says this may come as a surprise to some in the back but he’s not here every week. Rock says he was here every week when it was his job because he loved it. Rock says he was born and created in the WWE. Rock says if it weren’t for WWE and the fans, The Rock would never exist. Rock says he never said he was coming back for every show and that was never expected of him. He says if someone in the back wants to take it as that, then they can. The crowd chants “Fruity Pebbles” and The Rock smiles, says he loves that chant. Rock says unlike the person in the back, he respects the audience’s intelligence. Rock says the fans know his heart is in the business, he was born in it and he is here live because he loves WWE. Rock says he will always be part of WWE and WWE will always be part of him. Rock brings up John Cena’s name and the crowd boos.

Rock says for years he thought Cena was a phony but finally realized Cena isn’t a phony. Rock says he sees Cena backstage and at catering. Rock says he doesn’t want to talk to Cena, he’d rather smack him with a piece of Kung Pao Chicken. Rock says Cena isn’t a phony, he’s a Kung Pao Bitch.

Rock goes on about how nobody fought for some of the biggest WWE Legends because they were men. Rock says if Cena wants to fight for the guys in the back, that’s fine. While Cena fights for them, Rock says he fights for the fans. Another big pop from the crowd for The Rock. Rock says fans are tired of having a Kung Pao bitch shoved down their throats every night. A “Kung Pao bitch” chant breaks out now. Rock declares that Kung Pao bitch is now trending worldwide. Rock says fans are tired of not being entertained and that’s where he comes in. Rock says he lives to entertain. When he gets together with the fans, they innovate and trail-blaze.

Rock goes on and gets the crowd to do some chants. Rock goes on with more of the same and gets them to chant Cena’s missing balls. Believe it or not, finally, John Cena’s music hits and out he comes.

Cena goes on and says he is the guy who runs Rock down when he’s not here. Cena says he also runs Rock down when he is here. Cena says Rock is an egotistical bitch and wouldn’t care if WWE closed their doors tomorrow. Cena says he doesn’t need notes for his promo written on his wrist like Rock. Rock gets closer to Cena’s face now. Cena cuts a promo in Rock’s face and says he’s going to beat the hell out of him at WrestleMania. Cena leaves the ring and tells Rock to keep trending.

Rock brings up Cena leaving before he could smack the lips off his face. Rock says he knows Cena is back there listening now. Rock says Dwayne Johnson and The Rock is the same man in here and out there. Rock says Cena runs his mouth about being tough but they both know Cena isn’t tough. Rock says the only thing that matters is Team Bring It is going to kick Cena’s candy ass all over WrestleMania, if you smell what he’s cooking. Rock tosses the mic and poses as RAW goes off the air.



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13 thoughts on “Raw Results 2.27.2012 Portland, Oregon Photos + Video added

  1. I thought once again the Rock killed Cena. It’s simple Rock has the fans Cena doesn’t because Cena whines and cries simply out of jealousy and he thinks putting Dwayne Johnson down will somehow endear him to fans and if that doesn’t work the guys in the back.

  2. He had his promo written out on his wrist. He was stammering and repeating himself. He was more concerned about getting things to trend on Twitter than about destroying his opponent. I was disappointed.

    1. @Cameron:

      I agree, Cameron! I noticed the writing way before Cena came out & called Rock on it….at first I was in denial like “No, Rock wouldn’t write his promo on his wrist!”….I thought it was a new tattoo. But John called Rock out and he didn’t even try to deny it. Wasn’t pleased at all with his performance on Raw last night.

  3. I’ve been searching online and reading lots of articles. My point? I’m now convinced that the WWE set the whole thing up to have Rock put notes on his wrist, so that John Cena could call him out on it. I mean, c’mon, when has The Rock EVER needed notes in order to cut a promo??? He’s the BEST in the business!!! And the fact that he did it so Cena could get props and win over some fans is incredible and genius. Isn’t he sweet? LOL!

  4. Nah it wasn’t his promo, it was his shopping list! LOL
    But seriously if this written words is all that Cena has to call him out…!!
    But I was surprised because usually when wrestlers write on their wrist (because it’s not the first time of course) it’s when they have an epic promo. And this one was cool but not epic. And not really new either… I enjoyed it of course but I agree with Cameron about the twitter thing!

  5. The second half after Cena left was when he did stumble but that didn’t mean he didn’t slap some truths on Cena either. Was the prolonged chanting and trending tired sure. But I did enjoy him basically telling Cena you keep whining and defending the guys in the back I’ll defend the fans because the ultimate reason they have booed him all these years is because Cena bores them and is in fact shoved down their throats. And at the end that’s what it all is about paying fans. This isn’t UFC now. And I loved how he pointed out past greats and how they didn’t whine like much of today’s wrestlers. Point for him again. Basically Rock is right he hasn’t changed much but his shorts it’s the same whining night after night from Cena. If people want to just talk about him having notes of something on his wrist that’s fine but that doesn’t take away what Rock said. And I think he’s holding back because he could have also shoved the fact that Cena just couldn’t make it in Hollywood and that’s why he is there every night. But since that would be the truth and making fun of WWE I’m sure he doesn’t want to. I think he was more perplexed that Cena has been getting so personal. He sticks to the character but Cena has nothing but to go after except what has been itching some fans many years ago when he decided to leave before he injured himself and broke something. Oh Gee what a bad man for doing so. Honestly he’s the only one that made it beyond wrestling so yes he’ll have his haters. But I’m sure he doesn’t lose sleep on it. The one that seems to be losing sleep and making him his every thought even when he’s not there is Cena. It’s ok that’s why he continues to get booed by majority of adult fans there.

  6. Taken from Nodq.com

    The verbal battle between The Rock and John Cena on Monday’s RAW Supershow from Portland was designed for Cena to get the upper-hand this time around. This was achieved by having Cena point out that Rock had notes for his promo written on his wrist. Some in WWE claim that Cena pointing this out was unscripted.

    WWE officials are determined to get a 50/50 reaction for both men at WrestleMania 28 in Miami.

  7. i think wwe is trying to bring the rock down to cena’s level b/c the rock is this mega superstar in wrestling still so they gotta bring him down some how and with only a month left to go until the big show they are working that angle. I know ppl did not like the twitter too much..but vince said to the rock before he came back hey i want wwe to hit social media big so rock as before is carrying out vince’s wishes and his vision IMO. I also think cena whines too much i am sorry but he says the same thing week after week “the rock is not here” no shit we know that plus for him to call out dwayne johnson that was weak. I really don’t think these guys get the business rock is right nobody in the back was fighting for him, not stone cold, not hhh, not the undertaker, why does cena feel like he’s gotta fight and defend the wrestlers in the back they are wrestlers and should know how to fight already..he is just so hyprocritical to me

  8. Are you fans serious? The Rock never needed notes to cut a promo. It’s an obvious work. Look around the internet and tell me who actually believes this is real and Cena actually called out The Rock. For apparent Rock fans you guys are really riding the “CenaNation train” . There is no way Rock would obviously write notes on his hand so that everyone and anyone could see them. Hell, The Rock is an actor he remebers lines for a living including in wrestling. Since we do know that it’s scripted, Right? Have we ever saw Rock with notes on his wrist. WWE is trying to get Cena to look good against a proven promo/mic killer. If this was Rock in 99-04 we all know he would have killed Cena. But, they are trying to have Rock look ‘ Hollywood” to backup what Cena has been saying about him all along. And that is why I think he will turn heel. Rock is jobbing for Cena at Mania, and if not he will assassinate him prior and after Mania. Rock would have never continuously used Twitter in a promo. No Vince has put out a warning to all “Professional wrestlers” that No one is to touch Cena until Mania, and if he dos have a match they have to take it easy on Cena until Mania. How convient of them to do that. Wake up people, Rock is giving Cena the upper-hand on him. True Rock fans would know this. Don’t be surprised when he turns heel, you asked for it. #TeamBringIt.

  9. Cena is saying the same thing to Rocky for a year.
    And he’s saying the same things to whoever his opponent is. His promos are basically the same since he became the super nice guy of the WWE. He used to be a cool character but that was a long time ago!
    If the WWE wants a 50/50 reaction in this well it’s way too late! It’s impossible here. People will always cheer louder for the Rock! And Cena, well he got booed in his hometown!! They sell shirt “I hate Cena” and now they want a 50/50 reaction. Big joke.

  10. Tiffani if you read the above you do see that I and others aren’t on the Cena band waggon and are saying the opposite that just one person here. Yes the majority know that Cena is weak and are saying so. But just something to bring over that even if the whole wrist thing was true I think this fan and Dwayne Johnson/Rock whatever you choose to call him had this to say on twitter and it was enough said
    Rey Mundo ? @ElKatook
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    So @TheRock had notes on his wrist. So do NFL quarterbacks. The president has teleprompters. How is this slander worthy?

    1h Dwayne Johnson ? @TheRock
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    FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details @ElKatook Smartly said man. We have to let the small minded continue to swim in their own pettiness cesspool. Shiners shine. #Boots2Asses

  11. Seriously, the freakin verbal attacks is getting old. I mean shut up and fight for god sake. And OMG! I didn’t know Rock had his promos on his arm. LOL! I was wondering why Cena said that.

  12. Wow I see Dwayne The Rock Johnson being pulled in so many different directions like in a tug of war. I didn’t like this or that, my expectations were not met, he don’t visit WWE enough, he do too many family movies~Enough Already. The man is a successful entertainer and accomplished when it comes to the wrestling world and should be looking at being inducted into the hall of fame with his grandfather and father. He made a name for himself in the business. Who does everyone want to see and hear every night? Is it Cena or The Rock. Who have control over their audience? Is it Cena or The Rock. If Dwayne had a son, he could pass the torch to him so that he can focus on becoming an accomplished actor which by the way is another passion and love of his. It is not his fault that the business can not keep the attention of their audience now that the legends have moved on, but what do Dwayne do, he keep returning; not just for the love for the business but because he love his fans and pleasing his fans. Its just breaks my heart to hear people grapple over what he should be doing instead of supporting him. I personally did not see notes on his wrist, but if he did ~SO WHAT. Plus he trend on social network the new media and if folks are not on board with it, they will simply be left behind. Where are all the WWe superstars on social network, the new media. People in the audience and on the tv tweeting his words. Its all a show, nothing is real, lets just enjoy the show however and whereever the characters take us. (no :sweat: small stuff)


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