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Results: Portland, Oregon

Back from the break and out comes The Rock to a big pop from the crowd.

Rock finally gets a chance to speak and says this is real. He’s covered in goosebumps because this feels so damn good. The crowd chants “Boots to Asses” now. Rock says this may come as a surprise to some in the back but he’s not here every week. Rock says he was here every week when it was his job because he loved it. Rock says he was born and created in the WWE. Rock says if it weren’t for WWE and the fans, The Rock would never exist. Rock says he never said he was coming back for every show and that was never expected of him. He says if someone in the back wants to take it as that, then they can. The crowd chants “Fruity Pebbles” and The Rock smiles, says he loves that chant. Rock says unlike the person in the back, he respects the audience’s intelligence. Rock says the fans know his heart is in the business, he was born in it and he is here live because he loves WWE. Rock says he will always be part of WWE and WWE will always be part of him. Rock brings up John Cena’s name and the crowd boos.

Rock says for years he thought Cena was a phony but finally realized Cena isn’t a phony. Rock says he sees Cena backstage and at catering. Rock says he doesn’t want to talk to Cena, he’d rather smack him with a piece of Kung Pao Chicken. Rock says Cena isn’t a phony, he’s a Kung Pao Bitch.

Rock goes on about how nobody fought for some of the biggest WWE Legends because they were men. Rock says if Cena wants to fight for the guys in the back, that’s fine. While Cena fights for them, Rock says he fights for the fans. Another big pop from the crowd for The Rock. Rock says fans are tired of having a Kung Pao bitch shoved down their throats every night. A “Kung Pao bitch” chant breaks out now. Rock declares that Kung Pao bitch is now trending worldwide. Rock says fans are tired of not being entertained and that’s where he comes in. Rock says he lives to entertain. When he gets together with the fans, they innovate and trail-blaze.

Rock goes on and gets the crowd to do some chants. Rock goes on with more of the same and gets them to chant Cena’s missing balls. Believe it or not, finally, John Cena’s music hits and out he comes.

Cena goes on and says he is the guy who runs Rock down when he’s not here. Cena says he also runs Rock down when he is here. Cena says Rock is an egotistical bitch and wouldn’t care if WWE closed their doors tomorrow. Cena says he doesn’t need notes for his promo written on his wrist like Rock. Rock gets closer to Cena’s face now. Cena cuts a promo in Rock’s face and says he’s going to beat the hell out of him at WrestleMania. Cena leaves the ring and tells Rock to keep trending.

Rock brings up Cena leaving before he could smack the lips off his face. Rock says he knows Cena is back there listening now. Rock says Dwayne Johnson and The Rock is the same man in here and out there. Rock says Cena runs his mouth about being tough but they both know Cena isn’t tough. Rock says the only thing that matters is Team Bring It is going to kick Cena’s candy ass all over WrestleMania, if you smell what he’s cooking. Rock tosses the mic and poses as RAW goes off the air.