Carlito is ‘Cool’ w/The Rock

In response to rumors of backstage jealousy and resentment over Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stealing the spotlight at WrestleMania XXVIII, former WWE Superstar Carlito went on Twitter to defend The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment against “the boys.”

“My opinion on The Rock is that everybody should be thankful that he’s back. Did he come back to save his movie career? Of course, so what? The Rock saved ‘Mania last year and this year too. Do any of u see any other wrestler right now that can sell out ‘Mania?”

“The “boys” should be happy that ‘Mania will be a big success and fans shouldn’t even really care as to why Rock is back.”

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2 thoughts on “Carlito is ‘Cool’ w/The Rock

  1. Thank you Carlito. Seriously they know the Rock isn’t sticking around so why hate they should be happy he brings in past viewers and try to work it so they stick around instead of the moaning. They do nothing for the business it’s been on a stale decline these past years and not a one has contributed much. The last people to leave WWE in good shape for these current whiners are Steve Austin/Rock. So if they can’t say hey thanks keep walking. I really dislike people that feel that they have to put a past great down in order to succeed. It hasn’t worked for Cena yet he still gets booed thankfully. Fans see through him. He can talk all his junk now but he sure isn’t minding getting to be a headliner with that man. I really love the former wrestlers or announcers speaking out because they can speak with honesty as they have nothing to lose. The rest probably are scared to not go along with the current jealous bandwagon.

  2. :razzmad: When will these people will realize that The Rock is a kind of talisman for the events and struggles? Cntar No one who is king never loses his majesty. Dwayne The Rock Johnson is perfect, the best, always!


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