2 thoughts on “Rock live on Raw Monday March 5th, 2012

  1. Rock once again even not in his hometown shows why he’s the best. His promos were hilarious. Cena’s was such a dud I almost fell asleep with his second best going into Patriots losing talk. OMG this guy is so boring no wonder WWE needed the Rock to return. lol And damn The Rock was right in his face and Cena tried to keep a cheesy smile plastered but did nothing. He repeated what he did last week to the crowd to win over a few fans and in the end after doing jack to The Rock that spoke the truth about Cena being afraid his spot was taken away after 10 years he runs into the crowd and has a sip of beer. He looked pathetic and sorry dude you are just ripping off of what CM Punk has done you are a rinse wash repeat. Once again I thought the Rock did great.


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