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Baywatch Set Photos April 20th

Added 30 photos from the set of Baywatch filming in Savannah, Georgia

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Central Intelligence: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart talk about their worst high school memories and more

Time has a funny way of flipping the script on high school stereotypes. That’s the setup for Central Intelligence, which pairs a chubby geek-turned-chiseled CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson, 43) with a BMOC-turned-accountant (Kevin Hart, 36) at their high school reunion. Their mission? To save the world, of course.

Here, they talk about looking good and relive a few cringe-worthy high school memories.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Kevin and Dwayne, which real-life skill do you think the other has that would come in handy for saving the world?
KEVIN HART: You know what I have? The ability to not care about anybody but myself. I’m really good at saving myself. DJ, on the other hand? DJ is the one you want on your side.
DWAYNE JOHNSON: ‘Cause I care about people.
HART: There’s a scene in San Andreas where the girl got to see who her stepdad really was when he took off and never came back. That would be me. DJ saves everyone. I’m never gonna do that, ever.

In the movie, there are a few flashback scenes to high school. What’s your worst high school memory?
HART: Mine was definitely my moms whupping me in front of my ninth-grade class. I wanted to try out for the basketball team, but the tryouts were at 6 a.m. and I lived almost an hour away from the school, so I had to leave the house at, like, 4 a.m. to make it. My moms didn’t want me on public transportation that early, so I set all the clocks in the house [forward], including her watch. So at 4 a.m. it looked like 6 a.m., when I’d already be leaving the house. My moms got to work like two hours early, and when no one was there, she started to check the clocks. Then she took the day off, came up to the school, and beat the mess out of me.
JOHNSON: My mom didn’t whup me, but I definitely was a delinquent in the ninth grade, getting arrested. The cops wanted me for something, and they came into my classroom. That was embarrassing.
HART: Really? ‘Cause that sounds cool.

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ICYMI: Baywatch Set Photos March 28th-29th


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Baywatch Set Photos March 7th-8th added

Added over 50+ photos of Dwayne and cast filming scenes for Baywatch in Miami Beach, Florida March 7th-8th.

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Baywatch Set Photos March 1st-5th added

Added over 30+ photos of Dwayne and cast filming scenes for Baywatch in Miami Beach, Florida March 1st-5th.

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ET Online: On set with Dwayne Johnson & Zac Efron Baywatch : Video

ET was first to visit the Baywatch set, where we talked to Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the duo gushed over each other’s hotness.

“Let’s take a moment to look at the shape that this guy came in,” Johnson told ET on the beach in Miami, admiring his co-star’s enviable physique.

Efron returned Johnson’s compliment with praise of his own, saying, “This guy motivates you to work out. I started following him on Instagram. He’s an animal!”

In the upcoming comedy, the actors play two unlikely prospective lifeguards who are vying for jobs on the beaches of California.

“I play Matt Brody,” Efron said. “He’s sort of like the brash, young recruit. He doesn’t necessarily see eye to eye with Mitch on many things.” Continue reading

Dwayne filming in Deerfield Beach, FL photos

More photos added of Dwayne Johnson filming Baywatch scenes at Deerfield Beach, Florida added to the galleries

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Kevin Hart had ‘great chemistry’ with Rock

Actor-comedian Kevin Hart says he and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson share “great chemistry” in their movie Central Intelligence.

The two actors star in the upcoming comedy action film, which sees Johnson play a CIA agent returning home for his high school reunion and Hart as an accountant who gets caught up in his secret mission.

Hart says they had a blast shooting the movie as he and the part-time WWE star got along so well on set, reports

Talking about Central Intelligence, the 36-year-old comic star, who can currently be seen in Ride Along 2 with rapper Ice Cube, said: “What’s so amazing is mine and Dwayne Johnson’s chemistry – it’s a pairing that makes sense once you see it.

“I’m lucky, I keep getting great, great co-stars that only elevate projects. Me and Cube have done special things; me and DJ will do special things.”

Although Hart is carving out a reputation for himself as the go-to guy for action comedies, he is currently making his first animated movie.

The funnyman voices the character of Snowball in The Secret Life of Pets and he can’t wait for it to come out so his children, Heaven and Hendrix, can see it.
source: thestatesman

Billions’ Ilfenesh Hadera joins Baywatch cast as Dwayne Johnson’s love interest

baywatchloveDwayne Johnson has found his love interest for the upcoming Baywatch reboot. The actor/producer revealed Wednesday that Billions actress Ilfenesh Hadera has joined the cast of the film based on the 90’s TV series.

“For our coveted role of “STEF”, she had to be a lot of things: Strong, intelligent, formidable, beautiful and funny,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. “Want to welcome the talented @ilfenator Ilfenesh Hadera to our #BAYWATCH family.”

Johnson, who has previously said that the actresses cast in the film will “have fun” and make the roles “iconic for the world to enjoy” promised that Hadera was no exception. “She’s a 5’11 walkin’ smokestack with legs for days. Smart and tougher than new rope.. just the way we like ‘em,” Johnson wrote.

Hadera, whose credits include Chi-Raq and Chicago Fire, joins a cast that includes Kelly Rohrbach, Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron. According to Johnson, more Baywatch casting news is coming soon. The film, directed by Seth Gordon and produced by Beau Flynn and Ivan Reitman, is expected to begin production in early 2016.

First Look Sneak Peek at Disney’s Moana

HBO and ‘Ballers’ Producers Hit With Copyright Lawsuit

Two writers have sued HBO, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Stephen Levinson, claiming that the series “Ballers” is a ripoff of an idea that they had for a project called “Off Season.”

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton claim that they had a deal to sell their show to producers Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray, who through their Mayhem Pictures have produced such sports-related movies as “The Game Plan” starring Johnson and “Invincible” starring Wahlberg. Continue reading

Dwayne Johnson Action-Comedy Lands at New Line

Following a highly competitive bidding war, New Line has won the rights to an untitled action-comedy with Dwayne Johnson attached to star and Will Gluck on board to direct.

Sources tell Variety that the package also re-teams Johnson with his “San Andreas” producer Beau Flynn. Flynn and Johnson are producing through their Flynn Picture Company shingle and Seven Bucks Productions banner, respectively. Gluck will join them through his Olive Bridge Entertainment. Continue reading


Central Intelligence Trailer and Captures added


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Sneak peek Photos: The Rock lifts Kevin Hart in ‘Central Intelligence

It’s impossible to miss the massive size difference between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (who is 6-foot-5, 265 pounds) and Kevin Hart (5-foot-4, 145 pounds) in photos from their upcoming comedy Central Intelligence.

Johnson knew the physical pairing would bring automatic laughs.

ciastill-3.jpg ciastill-2.jpg ciastill-1.jpg

Photos: Movies > Central Intelligence 2016 > Official Stills

“With the visual alone, we had a shot at grabbing people,” says Johnson. “That visual is sizzle. And now we have deliver the steak.”

That hunk of meat flips the traditional roles of smart-mouthed comic Hart and action star Johnson. Central Intelligence (in theaters June 17, 2016) features Hart as the stiff straight man and Johnson essentially carrying the comedic aspects. Even Hart says he was surprised when the concept was floated.

“I was like, ‘Stop playing with me. DJ is going to be doing all the comedy? Really?’ But I said, ‘All right, can I talk to him?’ ” says Hart. “When I heard his take on it, it was a no-brainer. I said that we had to do it.” Continue reading