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Year: 2014
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Role: Hercules
Year: 2014
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Who: Dwayne Douglas "The Rock" Johnson
Born: May 2, 1972
Age: 41
From: Hayward, CA & Miami, FL
Profession: Actor (99-Present) Recent films include: G.I. Joe 2, Pain & Gain, Fast Five, Faster, The Other guys, The Game Plan, and The Rundown
Previous Career: Wrestler (2011-13) & (96-04); WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Champion (8),  IC Title (2), Tag team Title (5)
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Where is Dwayne?
In Australia filming San Andreas scheduled to be released in 2015
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I’ve been born and raised in a family who loves wrestling. I’ve been Dwayne’s fan since the first day I saw him in WWE and I’m proud to say that I’ve been follow his career all this years. I have his movies, his magazines, even his toys figurines. I really loved the way he is and how successful he build his life. My respect for this great man.


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All right, listen up. The men we’re after are professional runners. We find them; we take them as a team and we bring them back. And above all else, we never ever let them get into cars. — Agent Hobbs

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Category: Site
Posted by Nette
Apr 2014
Happy Easter! #ImUpAllNight2GetLucky — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) April 20, 2014

0 Comments| 47 views |
Posted by Nette
Apr 2014
Congratulations Martha you are our April DJ fan of the month! Location: Puerto Rico Reason you are a fan: I’ve been born and raised in a family who loves wrestling. I’ve been Dwayne’s fan since the first day I saw […]

0 Comments| 35 views |
Posted by Nette
Mar 2014
Hey fans so since we have some downtime with Dwayne being off the movie screen I thought you guys would be interested in winning some movie gift cards to go see your other favorites actors on screen and satisfy your […]

2 Comments| 74 views |
Posted by Nette
Mar 2014
Congratulations Nadja you are our March DJ fan of the month! I’m a fan of Dwayne Johnson since I first saw The Scorpion King. A guy that charmed me with that beautiful smile he has only! lol … More and  […]

0 Comments| 29 views |
Posted by Nette
Feb 2014
I wanted to apologize for not posting a Fan of The Month for February. I completely forgot. Next month I will post February’s fan of the month so that the winner has a chance to be displayed on the site. […]

0 Comments| 24 views |
Posted by Nette
Jan 2014
It seems that Dwayne Johnson‘s heart is even bigger than those muscles. The action hero better known as The Rock cooked up quite a surprise for a faithful employee. Over the weekend, the hulking “Fast & Furious 7″ star presented […]

1 Comment| 146 views |
Posted by Nette
Jan 2014
I have added a new features section to the sidebar called “Dwayne’s Workout Plan.” We had this on the site before but it has been completely redesigned and has his complete exercise routine specifically that was used for his Pain […]

0 Comments| 240 views |
Posted by Nette
Jan 2014
Got a new layout up thanks to daxstudios. This layout is based on US Army Authentic Apparel. Dwayne became a model for US Army Authentic Apparel last year and I wanted something showing him and the clothing line. Hope […]

2 Comments| 131 views |
Posted by Nette
Jan 2014
Congratulations Tugba you are our January DJ fan of the month!   Location: TURKEY Reason you are a fan: I want to meet him, admire him since I was little. I want it a lot. Apply now (OPEN)| See Past […]

0 Comments| 56 views |
Posted by Nette
Dec 2013
just wanted to let all the fansite visitors know I am going on vacation. So no updates or news until then. I should be back in a week. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

0 Comments| 77 views |
Posted by Nette
Dec 2013
Congratulations Nina you are our December 2013 DJ fan of the month! Location: Cleveland Reason you are a fan: Dwayne has inspired me through his perseverance in his career and determination to accomplish his goals. It is obvious he is […]

0 Comments| 109 views |
Posted by Nette
Nov 2013
Congratulations Santosh you are our November 2013 DJ fan of the month! Location: India Reason you are a fan: I am an all time fan of the WWE and The Rock is coolest guy ever Apply now (OPEN)| See Past […]

0 Comments| 47 views |
Posted by Nette
Oct 2013
I was getting a lot of questions about Dwayne’s tattoo and I noticed it was one of the more common sections on the site. So I have added some clearer pictures, a video of him talking about the tattoo and […]

0 Comments| 196 views |
Posted by Nette
Oct 2013
Hey fans check out our new photo gallery layout thanks to Dax Studios. It’s been long overdue make sure to check out the gallery.

1 Comment| 125 views |
Posted by Nette
Oct 2013
We received some very kinds words and a donation from a fan of the site. Once again thank you and I am so glad you appreciate and have continued to visit the site over the years. Much Love <3 As […]

0 Comments| 19 views |
Posted by Nette
Oct 2013
Congratulations Katie you are our October 2013 DJ fan of the month! Location: Ontario, Canada Reason you are a fan: Dwayne is my inspiration because he is tough on the outside but is a softie with a huge heart on […]

0 Comments| 52 views |
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