Past Dwayne Fans 2010-2015

Welcome to our past Dwayne Fans of the month archive! first started fan of the month back on July 2010 and from then on we have a fan every month and they are from all over the world! If you would like to apply please click here


Congratulations Yamuna you are our January 2016 DJ fan of the month!

Reason you are a fan:
Because he is a good,best,wonderful actor and wrestler.I love to watch his wrestling and movies.Recently I watch San Andreas. I think….no,I’m sure he is amazing guy,dad and friend.I’ll keep supporting him.


*Dj Fan of the month went on hiatus back in July of 2014 and returned in November 2015

Congratulations Patricia you are our December 2015 DJ fan of the month!


Reason you are a fan:
I believe I’m DJ’s biggest fan because I’ve been following his career since he was a wrestler. I’ve seen every movie he’s been in and was blessed to see him live at WMXXX April 6, 2014. My hubby purchased us ramp side seats. So we were up close and personal. Myself and a friend deemed ourselves #DJGirlz because between the both of us we’ve been tweeted by him 19 times!! He’s an amazing man and I’ll keep supporting him!

Congratulations Yvette you are our November 2015 DJ fan of the month!


Reason you are a fan:
Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is not only a great wrestler and actor. He is a very special human being and doesn’t let fame and fortune go to his head. He shows through his Twitter and IG that his fans mean the world to him. I have received 10 tweets from him 2 for my dads cancer and 4 wishing me a Happy Birthday. One day I would like to meet him and thank him.


Congratulations Abhinav you are our July 2014 DJ fan of the month!

Location: India
Reason you are a fan:
Because , Dwayne is the best wrestler and actor i have ever seen. He made WWE famous forever and he sings better than Justin Bieber ! He is gifted with all the talents !

Thank you Rock for your Inspiration.

Congratulations Shyanna you are our June 2014 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Nebraska
Reason you are a fan:
I am a mid-term graduate at Columbus High School in Columbus Nebraska. I was fortunate to have taken a art class by my teacher Megan Danner! The three years I was able to take you art classes we knew she has a slight obsession with The Rock! She is the biggest fan and I really want to give something back to her. She has his pictures all over her room she even incorporates him in her teaching! She is probably the biggest fan he as but he just doenst know it yet! I would really like to just let her know how much of an impact she has had on my life and how she has made me a better person and taught me how to do something I now love-Art! I just want her to be appreciated and to know how much I appreciate her! What better way then with The Rock! Please help to somehow get her to meet him. It would be a dream to her and I am pretty sure she would pass out or smile and not say a single thing to him. I know it I got him to come to our school I would deffinately be her favorite student!!

Congratulations Sarah you are our May 2014 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Minneapolis
Reason you are a fan:
Over the past few years of watching “The Rock,” I have learned more about him through joining his FB page. I am inspired by his motivation, sincerity and ability to overcome obstacles.
His authenticity moves me to see the positive in my own struggles as I make huge life changes.
Oh ya, and his sexiness is a bit difficult to ignore. 😉

Congratulations Martha you are our April DJ fan of the month!


Location: Puerto Rico

Reason you are a fan:
I’ve been born and raised in a family who loves wrestling. I’ve been Dwayne’s fan since the first day I saw him in WWE and I’m proud to say that I’ve been follow his career all this years. I have his movies, his magazines, even his toys figurines. I really loved the way he is and how successful he build his life. My respect for this great man.

Congratulations Nadja you are our March DJ fan of the month!


I’m a fan of Dwayne Johnson since I first saw The Scorpion King. A guy that charmed me with that beautiful smile he has only! lol … More and later, with continuity in watching other movies, stories and get to know him better, I came to admire him as a person, actor, son, father to be a charismatic, humble, cheerful, playful person … Wow! Are there are many qualities! And I wish all happiness and success for him.

Congratulations Tugba you are our January DJ fan of the month!



Location: TURKEY
Reason you are a fan:
I want to meet him, admire him since I was little. I want it a lot.


Congratulations Nina you are our December 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Cleveland
Reason you are a fan:

Dwayne has inspired me through his perseverance in his career and determination to accomplish his goals. It is obvious he is a disciplined person who strives to do well. I admire his moral, physical and work ethics, which shines through the roles he has chosen to play in his movies. I would like to meet him for the opportunity to talk about how he stays so focused. He seems to be a hard worker and his role in The Game Plan seems to inspire me each time I see it. I imagine him as a similar personality to that of Joe Kingman, and I hope I am right, because that would be a very cool person to know and look up to. I can imagine his success has given him a huge ego boost, yet he seems to stay grounded. It’s a nice balance. It’s plain and simple I admire him because he is SO darn goooood lookingggg.

Congratulations Santosh you are our November 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: India
Reason you are a fan: I am an all time fan of the WWE and The Rock is coolest guy ever


Congratulations Katie you are our October 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Ontario, Canada
Reason you are a fan:
Dwayne is my inspiration because he is tough on the outside but is a softie with a huge heart on the inside. Another reason he is my inspiration is that he stopped thieves from stealing from the Fast six movie set. He can do anything he puts his mind to. He’s kind, sweet, caring, amazing father to his daughter and is a gentle giant. He loves every one of his fans. I love that he has a special place in his heart for his make-a-wish foundation fans. He is incredible and handsome which is some nice qualities to have, not to mention his beautiful brown eyes and his muscles. I follow him on Twitter and facebook and wish to get a tweet from him sometime soon. I’ve been a fan since 2007 and I will always be a dedicated and loyal fan of his. <3

Congratulations S.S Vimal Aditya you are our September 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: India
Reason you are a fan:
I am a die hard fan of THE ROCK. My dream is to meet him and take an autograph. I will fulfill my wish for sure………………IF U SMELL WAT THE ROCK IS COOKING

Congratulations Patti you are our August 2013 DJ fan of the month!

Location: Illinois
Reason you are a fan:
I am very inspired by Dwayne Johnson’s attitude towards life. I definitely enjoy his work as an actor and a wrestler, but I am very impressed by the way he approaches life. He has said many times that it is nice to be important, but more important to be nice. This is what I try to live by every day. I also believe in his “just bring it” motto. He seems to be the kind of person that would be wonderful to sit down and talk to. Perhaps some day I will have that opportunity.

Congratulations Fred you are our July 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Florida
Reason you are a fan:
He has inspired me to strive to be great, that even with my past back injury I can still achieve any goal I set my mind to. He has taught me to be confident in who I am and to never let someone keep me from my goals. Also to start training and lifting that my pain today will be my strength tomorrow.

Congratulations Johnny & Daughter you are our June 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Imperial valley

Reason you are a fan:
I’ve been a fan since the late 90s. He has been an inspiration for me in many ways. He’s a great actor, great athlete, great style…… I can go on and on. Bottom line I think he is one of the greatest role models ever. My 6 year old daughter is also his biggest fan. She tells me I look like him, but that I need to have bigger muscles. She’s got the people’s eyebrow down already. Every time his movie comes out on the big screen we go watch it and sport our team bring it shirts. Our favorite movie is the game plan.

Thank you Dwayne the rock Johnson for being who you are!!

Team bring it for life!!!

Congratulations Joanne you are our May 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Florida

Reason you are a fan:
Several years ago I became such a big fan because of Dwayne’s family ethics and how true that he is to your fans! I became in love! I am married and a mother of three, but I tell my husband all the time if I ever meet Dwayne, I would not come back home (he knows it too…LOL)! My family is real big into reptiles and when there is a show close to Miami, I tell all the Miami guys that see him in the gym, to tell him that he needs to come to a show so I could meet him. Dwayne is awesome in all his movies (which I have most) but my favorite one I would have to say so far is Walking Tall. He is also great in the ring along with looking great. With everything that I have seen, behind the scenes, on the scenes and in the ring….Dwayne is a true man to himself. Thanks Dwayne for making me fall for such a great man!

Congratulations Gabriela you are our April 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Chicago

Reason you are a fan:
I’ve loved Dwayne Ever since he became The Rock and WWE Champ. I was 13 at the time, I’m 26 now. Never left his side, even when fans booed him and he became a heel I stuck with him. I’ve seen all of his movies, just saw Snitch, It was his best performance yet. I love how good of an actor he is becoming. He all over my room. He inspires me, I wish I could be life him, fearless, good looking, dedicated, and such a nice guy to everyone. He so multi talented and I hope to meet him one day. My goal is to work at a film industry where they treat me like family and i get to work with Dwayne.

Congratulations Reem you are our March 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: UAE

Reason you are a fan:
Endless reasons why I admire this guy, ambition guy who follows his dreams..Everything in life has a purpose for Dwayne. No matter what his dreams were, becoming a wrestler, acting or football, he did extremely well because he wasn’t afraid to follow his dreams, I feel proud being a member of his Team.. Team Bring It, the team who has a great leader who teaches you to Get your ass up when ever your down and start kicking ass,he inspired me to realize that If people do not work hard, they do not achieve their dreams, he’s my idol, his tweets are my daily motivation to me..oh yeah also he’s so damn charming. <3 I’ve been a fan of Rock since I was 7-8 and on March/2013 I’ll become 17! :)



Congratulations Paige you are our February 2013 DJ fan of the month!


Location: Mexico City

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:
Since childhood, Dwayne Johnson has been a dreamer and achieved all his goals. He is my idol because never gives up and always is optimistic. I’m really in love with Dwayne. Apart from being a good person, is very handsome and I love his electrifying smile and his beautiful eyes. When he smiles I’m happy.. I think there are no words to show how much I love him. #TeamBringIt And even if I never got to meet him, I’ll always love him.

Congratulations Paige you are our January 2013 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:
He’s a phenomenal athlete and appears to love his career whether in the ring or filming. I’ve yet to hear anything negative about him except the SMACK TALK in wrestling, which (we all know) goes with the territory. I admire the fact that he has such a amicable relationship with his ex-wife. That’s how REAL men should be. There’s no doubt about how much he loves his daughter. When I’ve watched the behind the scenes clips of his movies, he seems to have a great sense of humor and always upbeat. And although I’ve never had a personal interest in tattoos, I admit that the art he sports on his upper left is (without a doubt) the most beautiful work in body ink history. He is truly great!


Congratulations Michelle you are our December 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:
I have been a fan of this amazing man since I was 13 (now 31). I have seen his career develop from the ground up. I have followed him for years & admire how dedicated & determined he is. He is just so inspirational..I am on Team Bring IT! I will always be, he inspires me to go after my goals & to always think positive! I love this man because he is so genuine & down to earth! I love you Dwayne Johnson!


Congratulations Gonneau you are our November 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why he is Dwayne Fan of The Month:
I’ve been a fan since I saw DWAYNE in WALKING TALL ! To me , he represents ” the Man ” in every aspect of the word ! I’ve always liked people who do things I’m not able to do or to be ! And DWAYNE is truely this kind of man ! Full respect brother !


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Congratulations Melissa you are our October 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

I am a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson…He is such an inspiration…He is motivated and intelligent and just completely amazing..If i could pick anyone…and i do mean anyone…from singers to actors or any famous person at all to meet..I would choose Dwayne Johnson…over everyone else…I absolutely love him…He has inspired me to become a personal trainer…which i am in the process of completing a certified personal training course…I currently work out everyday…I am from a very small town and have never had the chance to meet and/or see any famous person in my life…I am currently turning 31 years old…on September 29th…It would be my dream come true and birthday wish to be able to meet him..I would also travel miles and miles just to meet him..Although i do not drive…I would still make it just to meet him..I love his movies and my most favorite is The Tooth Fairy…My children and i watch it all the time..I enjoy checking Dwayne’s twitter and Facebook page several times a day…just to make sure that i do not miss anything..I truly do believe that i am his number one fan…and i also feel that if i could only express my feeling to a fan ..that he would want to meet me as much as i want to meet him…

Congratulations Sheree you are our September 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

DJ represents the better part in ALL of us: hard working, determined and, as the saying goes ” too desperate to be denied!”. He believed in himself enough to KEEP GOING. There will be times that we all want to give up and stay down so to have a great person show us how to GET BACK UP means alot. DJ also presents qualities to look for in a husband (although DJ is not my pretend husband: that title belongs to Paul Walker) all while showing us ladies the goods: killer smile, arms and the cutest bellybutton ever seen! His self peserverence has given people jobs (movie extras, tailors, drivers etc) to literally fueling the economy through commercials, tv, movies, books and merchandise. He’s even taken on the motto to “be nice”, which, at 6ft 4in and 270 lbs, is not something he has to do. I’ll be in awe of this man for years!!!


Congratulations Regalia you are our August 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

I have always been obsessed you can say about the whole 1990s era of wrestling but when I first seen Dwayne The Rock Johnson I knew he was gonna make it to the top just by his charisma and his charming appeal so of course he had the ladies for sure as much as the guys wanted to be him . I am a fan because he not only accomplished his dreams but also made it possible for broken dreams become reality if u just bring it!! Team bring it for life.

Congratulations Julie you are our July 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

I have been a fan of Dwayne since his first wrestling match in Nov. 1996. He is very good looking, charismatic and a great actor. I follow him on Twitter, Facebook and of course, Impeccable Dwayne Johnson. He is all around “THE BEST”!

Congratulations Angie you are our June 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

I am and have been a huge fan of this amazing and beautiful man Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson since the year ’99. that’s when i started watching the wwe again and the minute i first saw him my jaw dropped to the floor because i had never seen such a beautiful person in my life. everytime i saw his promos and go into the ring and talk in that wwe mic i would get goose bumps just hearing him talk about his oppentents he would face and really make my day…so i said as much as i love this man i would go and get a brahma bull tattoo to show my love and support and respect i will always have for him no matter what!!! he really inspires me. he brings out the best in me. he showed me a side of myself I would never see on my own. he made me feel proud of who I am, happy about where I am going and beautiful from the inside out. so Thank YOU AND I LOVE YOU DWAYNE!!!

Congratulations Lela you are our May 2012 DJ fan of the month!Congratulations Lela you are our May 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

TALOFA LAVA! I watched Dwayne Johnson during the Attitude Era and I became a huge fan. One of my favorite matches is when he wrestles Mankind in an empty area for the WWF Champion belt. Even though he lost it was one of the funniest and creative matches ever. From being a wrestler to an actor his story inspires me because he is the result that with hard work anything is possible. He had many setbacks in his life but he strives and perseveres in achieving his goals. I am a huge fan because he stays true to himself and a very humble person. I love the fact that he represents his cultures and being Samoan he shows the respect, faith, and pride of our people. Overall, Dwayne is unstoppable and will inspire future generations to come. TEAM BRING IT! ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

Congratulations Britne you are our April 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

When I was 10 years old just about all 8 of my brothers had pretty much left the house, only one was left and he had gone to high school and made friends. I was all alone and at that point it was only me and the wrestling, I didn’t know too much on my own, I was use to my bros telling me everything I needed to know. It was on this pivotal day during the 6th grade elections at school that my whole life changed! One of the candidates gave his speech and ended his campaign with the catch phrase “DO YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?” (he won this election) at that moment I turned to my friend and said “where did he get that from?” and kind of laughed, my friend told me…..”from THE ROCK of course” and someone added in “it’s from wrestling, ur a gurl, you wouldn’t know” but I told myself “hey I watch wrestling, why didn’t I know who this was” and I went home I asked my bro about it, you see at that point I was watching WCW and my bro watched WWF, the only time I seen WWF was when he came and switched the channel on me, but that night we watched Raw and when I seen THE ROCK come on I was instantly hooked, The charisma, the stage presence, the voice, the man who was, is and will forever be THE ROCK, it was amazing, I will never forget that day! because the day I became obsessed with The Rock is the day he saved my life. Well I’ll tell you, 2 years into it WWF was my life, and when I say my life I mean it was my life. I would cry if I had to miss it on TV, I wouldn’t eat just so I can watch it, I changed my parents rules of a bedtime, so I could stay up and watch it, and in that 8th grade year, in that 13th year of my life a whole lot happened, family issues, depression, my only happiness came from being able to watch WWF wrestling. During this time I was susceptible to so many things that would have changed my path in life, the wrong crowd, drugs, alcohol, but I didn’t go that route, and the one and only thing that kept me on the right path was the fact that I had wrestling to come home to!

Congratulations Alina you are our March 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

‘It was back in 2001. October the 6th. I had just started my first year in college. The university was too damn big, the roommates were scary and I had landed in a freakishly large city. I came back home on the 5th and the next day I went to the movie theater to see “The Mummy Returns.” I was curious to see the new guy, some wrestler called “The Rock”. I wasn’t into wrestling, I only knew Hulk Hogan, but because of the movies he had done. So, here I am, in my favorite chair, the movie starts with the siege of Thebes and I basically freeze. Why? Because there was a really awesome dude kicking ass in one of the most fantastic battle scenes I had ever seen. And that dude was “The Rock”. Or, as I found out after that, Dwayne. Dwayne Johnson. My testosterone went nuts. I got up and I cheered so loudly that a loser and his girlfriend sitting nearby starred at me like two idiots.

Anyway, I gave them a “What’s your problem, huh?” look and I minded my own business. Too bad that the new guy wasn’t in any more scenes after that. Just some CGI that left a bad taste in my mouth. But as everybody knows, Dwayne did great in Hollywood, becoming the superstar that he is today. To me, somebody like him is a rare bird in the celebs’ world. He’s still Dwayne, still humble, down to Earth, kind and funny, still caring for the fans, for what’s good and right. He’s always positive, always encouraging and supportive and even in my darkest moments, I know that if I check his facebook page or his Twitter, he’ll have something to cheer me up. More than that, for those who had the “honor” to know me (I can’t help it, hehe), he is and always be, the big brother I’ve always wanted. Until him, that big brother didn’t have a face. But now he does. What’s left to say? Nothing, really”

February 2012


This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

‘I have been a fan of The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, since i have been 9 years old. Now being 24, i have grown to appreciate and look up to him not only as a role model , but as someone that i consider a HUGE influence of who i am today. I used to go to RAW and Smackdown as a young girl, crying over just being in the same room as him. My family would know to buy my only his merchandise for holidays and special events. To this day, people still admire me for my dedication as a fan, and my willingness to one day meet him in person. I dont even know what i would do if i did, i know someone would have to catch me when i fall, becuase i know i would be hitting the floor!”

January 2012

Congratulations Dhruv you are our January 2012 DJ fan of the month!

This is why he is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

Ever since I was a little kid, I believed in The Great One’s ideology, whether its rehiring fired Mankind or saving Hulk Hogan from NWO or taking a stand against the immortal phenom The Undertaker. I am a part of another social networking website and we have our own group over there named “The Rock Fan Club”. I make sure that Team Bring It stands united and keeps getting bigger and stronger. I have always idolized Dwayne as a true hero, I believe that when something is not right for the masses, you need to bring your Brahma Bull out and whoop those candy asses. From impersonating The Great One in masses, to using his phrases in my daily conversation, I have done it all. And my friends say Im really good at it. LOL!! Im your biggest fan Dwayne and trust me, no matter what happens, till every drop of sweat, till every ounce of blood in my body, I gauran-damn-tee three things: I will always be in the millions and millions chanting Rocky..Rocky… I will stand against injustice, Great One style and I will always try my level best to make the TEAM BRING IT stronger than ever!! -.^


January 2011

This is why he is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

i am the rock biggest fans since 2000 he was my idol and he still is and forever. trailblazing, eyebrow raisin, jaborni beatin pie eatin heart stoppin from elbow droppin, people champ the rock!…i can imitate like him, wrestle like him, taunts like him, watever dwayne The Rock johnson does i do the same….i can smell it i love TOFU PIE =]….all i am dreamin is seeing the rock back on wwe raw anytime soon guest host monday night raw as he promised the fans…i just want hear his suprise music hits on raw *IF U SMELLLLLL….* I also dreamed of meeting him one day. =] we need u back to wwe or while please rock….he still and forever be the people champion! =] better than john cena! =]

February 2011

This is why he is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

I’m Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson biggest fan from Malaysia forever because The Rock is the BESTEST superstar in WWE history and I’m proud for The Rock because in 2002(The Rock’s amazing career), he came to Malaysia for SmackDown Tour and that moment, I came to watched him against Chris Jericho for the Undisputed Championship with my own eyes. Even though I saw it from far away, but I was satisfied 😀 (even though The Rock lost). If Batista proud about the Phillipines flag on his left arm, but The Rock had made Malaysia proud by waved the Malaysia flag after the match at every corner in the ring. This is what we said “The People’s Champ”! If The Rock come to Malaysia again, I want to see and take a picture with him 😎

March 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

“DJ is a wonderful actor, he’s one of the the greatest. I have never met him but I think he is a great person, kind loving, caring and I love him dearly. One of my many wishes is to meet him someday just to say hello.”

April 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

“I am a fan because i see dj as a real person with feelings and a need for privacy. I also KNOw he is the sexiest man alive. i own his movies. i think he is way cute in why i got married too and get smart. i LOVED him also in walking tall. he is so damn sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please pick me for a fan of the month!! “

May 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

“Dwayne Johnson é um dos maiores lutadores da WWE. Somamos seu excepcional carisma, talento e beleza, temos como resultado a conquista do público em diversas categorias e gêneros de filmes. É o ídolo perfeito e mais completo que existe e meu coração!”

Translation:Dwayne Johnson is one of the most greatest fighters of the WWE. We add his exceptional charisma, talent and beauty, and we have as a result the conquering in film with one of the most diverse actors in all categories and all kinds of film. He is the most complete and perfect idol that exists in my heart!

So this month we have 2 fans of the month because there was a mix up and 2 fans were selected for June. So to be fair we will have 2 fans and the more the merrier. Drum roll…

June 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

“I loveee Dwayne soooo much! I been in love with this man since I was in 5th grade…I am now 23~ It never ends..I believe he has a impact on some many people’s lives because he is as real as they come. His talent is undeniable, which is why his journey from the wwe t0 hollywood is “IMPECCABLE”!!!!”

June 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

“I’m just a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson especially his Hollywood Days.
Watch his first movie and saw what everyone, directors and movie casters saw; how charismatic he is. I have seen all of his movies except for two. I started watching some of his wrestling videos and found myself laughing so hard; was I beginning to like wrestling.

He shared his favorite videos on YouTube and me & my girlfriends watched and laughed…

so hard for half the day. I love how buff he is, so when he leaned out, it was ok, but I’m so happy now he’s buffed again; just sexy. I appreciate his dedication in weight training. Just imagine having that type of force around you; I know I would be in good shape and healthy. I started watching his interviews an learned more about the person and
found that we have a lot in common like his love for children and love to look for the potential in others, love for comedy and laughter, family, fishing. So I did not mind helping him advocate these things on site such as these. I love how he talks positive of everyone he works with during his interview. That is why he is so well like and that is why I am his biggest fan.”

July 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

“ever since i was a kid, i’ve always watch wrestling, from hogan era to cena era, from wwf to wwe…. At first, i only watched wrestling because i just want to see athlete compete to each other, years pass by, i got bored on the old wrestling ways until the rock’s era came, Honestly, i like his character as The Rock no matter as heel or not, he is not only good in wrestling but also in entertaining the fans, how he interact with other people. i can say the austin and the rock rivalry is the most epic point of wwe history…. Since then, i never failed to watch wwe weekly. I even saves money just to buy cd to watch rock compete back in the days when i’m studying….. Im always entertain, electrified by his moves…. and now that he decided to be an actor, i also watched his movies and supported his career…. until now, that im a family man…. he will always be my idol… goodluck dwayne and welcome back to the wwe, hope u stay…. for good! And i really hope that you can visits your fans here in the philippines….. god bless! rock on!!!”

August 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

dalla prima volta che l ho visto mi sono innamorata di lui…il mio sogno più grande è d’incontrarlo o almeno di contattarlo via internet. ogni giorno e ogni momento della mia vita lo penso..e colleziono tutti i suoi meravigliosi film. “THE ROCK” dwayne douglas johnson TI AMO :)

“The first time that I saw him I fell in love … my greatest dream is to meet him or at least contact him via the Internet.
every day and every moment of my life .. and I think I collect all his wonderful movies. “The Rock” Dwayne Douglas Johnson I LOVE YOU:)”

September 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

He has inspired me so much and his Team Bring it Attitude gets me going everyday.I love him dearly and thanks to him i have been helping out all in need and it makes me feel proud for who i am now in all thanks. Hopefully one day i will get to meet him and get to work with him. He means so much to me. Being a part of the MILLIONS has made me realize what a great community we are and we unite in one nation ourselves as like one big happy family. All’s well and ends well. Love you Dwayne.

October 2011

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

When I was four years old, I turned on my television set and saw Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing a Samoan Slam on a helpless wrestler. I fell in love. I wanted to be just like him from that point on. I started wrestling a lot and working out, even though I was only 5 at the time. I dedicated my life to Dwayne Johnson’s “Bring It” attitude. All my essays about my heroes were about him. My phone background, computer background, and ipod background have The Rock incorporated into them. People say “You only think he’s hot that’s why.” My response is, that’s not it at all. Yes he’s a good looking man, but he’s also caring, family oriented, driven, and most of all KICK ASS. Because of him and his attitude towards life, I lost 15 lbs. of fat and put on 15 lbs. of muscle. He gave me the strength to fight through the many many adversities in life to get to the point where I am today, 19 years old and attending Florida State University on scholarship. He was my only father figure growing up and I feel like he still is. Although I never met him (if I did I’d probably faint) I feel like he’s the only man that has been there for me in my life. His words of encouragement to the world are words of personal encouragement to me. These are the many many reasons why I am a massive Dwayne Johnson fan.

Congratulations Stacey you are our November 2011 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

The first time I saw you wrestle as Rocky Maivia, I was electrified! I couldnt wait to see you again. I anticipated eagerly your matches, and couldn’t contain that eagerness to watch lay the smackdown on all candy asses and roody poos! I followed you and watched every movie you did. But, I have to admit watching wrestling wasn’t the same without you there the thrill was gone. When you came back, I must have smiled for two days straight jus couldn’t wait to see you kicking ass! I collected your action figures, and movies. I love you hella, and hope to meet you one day!

Congratulations Sirley you are our December 2011 DJ fan of the month!

This is why she is Dwayne Fan of The Month:

Knew of Dwayne “The Rock” 15 years ago when he was in wrestling and his main enemy was Steve Austin, since then I loved it, I fell in love of he. Thanks to the internet know what he do, what you think and receive his motivational messages every day. Not a day passes that do not look for Twittwer, on facebook, by Impeccable. He inspires me to stay strong in the proof of my life. I am a proud member of Team Bring It Colombia.


July 2010

Because he is as an actor and as The Rock is the best and is the maximum

August 2010

I’m a big Fan of Dwayne’s Looks, Dwayne’s acting and his personality. He got it all, you can only love him!!

September 2010

I am DJ’s biggest fan not only just because of who he is…..but because of what he does with his time. He is more than just “muscles” or even his “sexxy looks”…..he also has a BIG HEART!!! And that’s shown thru his Foundation. Giving back to kids who need help whether it be financial, spiritual or whatever the cause…you will find him there giving all he’s got! I also love how cute he gets when he talks about his daughter, Simone. U can see it in his eyes that he LOVES his little girl with all his heart and the BIG issue for me
that really makes me respect him is that he and Dany still have a wonderful working and leisure relationship! They are still the best of friends and they do everything in their power to make sure that their daughter has a stable and normal life. He could have taken the “other” road and become a total jerk, but that’s not who he is…..He stepped up and is taking responsibility!!! He is definitely a “DAD” in every sense of the word….that’s why I admire him so……

October 2010

Because he is a great actor and a great athlete. He is a man who has great charisma. Thanks to him I could make my dreams with these
qualities who shows all around the world

November 2010

I am a fan of Dwayne Johnson because he has inspired me to be a pro wrestler back when he was a full time wrestler in WWE. I am currently still wrestling as a pro wrestler in Chicago since 2001. I am a gym rat just like Dwayne and a taurus like Dwayne. He has also inspired me to pursue acting and be successful like him. Dwayne is just awesome!I know everything about him. i have his book The Rock Says, i also have a polynesian tattoo on my right fore arm and tribal tatts similar to his tattoos,I have all of his films on dvd and I even have this dream of wrestling Dwayne one day one on one in the ring…..and i would win lol. Dwayne is the man!

December 2010

Loved him followed and supported him every since his wresting days right into his acting career,even go to bat and defended him from the negative bloggers and people that turned against him.Love him and always will as a person ,man ,athlete,father and actor..